Amateur to smoking pot

Help me guys, i tried smoking pot and being high is amazing, i just dont like the “first wave” of it. When i smoke it after 5-10 min there comes this weird feeling that i have bubbles in my veins, or i could say everything is tingling me and i really dont like this feeling, but the feeling when this wears off and u are on chill mode, that is what i like. So how can i get rid of this starting tingling feeling that lasts 5-15min.

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  1. It’s hard to give you specific advice because the effect weed has on people varies depending on the individual. BUT, if I had to give some advice…

    -Try slowing your pace down so your de-soberness is more gradual

    -Don’t think about it so much, just try and relax, listen to some music, have a conversation with a friend, etc

    -Not really advice, but you’re brain will get more used to THC the more you use it, so, there’s a good chance that weird feeling will go away

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