Ate too much edibles?

Hey Guys, I’m an occasional smoker. I tried edibles for the first time in a long time yesterday. I had about a third of a cookie, I’m estimating it was 6-7mg. It didn’t seem to do anything. 2-3 hours later, I suddenly felt dizzy, faint, weak and heavy. My legs felt heavy and weak. I felt hot and then cool. I had some tingling in my fingers and the tip of my tongue was numb/tingling. I had to keep walking around or I would feel more dizzy. I felt better after a couple hours.

Today, my legs still feel a little heavy and almost half asleep like when your leg falls asleep from staying in one position too long. I also feel a little bit short of breath and felt faint once or twice.

Can these be symptoms of the cookie or is something else wrong with me? Thanks!

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  1. It will take 30 minutes to 2 hours to feel full effects. The THC has to reach your liver. It also tends to be more body heavy on you as compared to smoking.

    The rest is probably in your head. Try to relax and not think of it.

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