Bad edible experience


Last night I decided to relax and watch TV. Ate some off an edible. About an hour after taking it, my heart starts racing, my eyes were moving in and out constantly. I then started feeling a tingling in my chest then pain in upper left shoulder. The tingling started slowly moving down my arm. I started shaking uncontrollably afraid I was having I heart attack. Now today, I still feel slight pain and tingling in my arm. It just makes me nervous that this may have been worse then a panic attack. Should I go to and tell my doctor about this?

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5 thoughts on “Bad edible experience

  1. TheSierraHighGuy

    If you are still feeling pain after all the psychoactive effects of the edible have worn off then I would recommend going to see a doctor. Tell them you had an edible. There is absolutely no way for you to “get in trouble” from telling your doctor that.

    As for the edible, you really have to be careful. Dosage can be very tough to nail down. Even if the package says “40mg THC”, that just means there is 40mg in the *entire package*. 30mg of that 40mg could very easily have been concentrated in the little bit that you ate, while the rest of that nerds rope has only 10mg.

    What did the packaging say? More specifically how much THC was advertised to be in the edible?


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