Bringing small amounts of weed on a flight from Spain back to asia


Hey guys, so I scored some pretty dank shit from a cannabis club in Barcelona. I was thinking of bringing it back with me to asia, the amount is a small amount of 3 grams. I’ve done it before with a small amount under my crotch of maybe about 2 grams from Hong Kong to the Philippines.

I was thinking of removing the tobacco from cigarettes and filling them up heavily grinded then filling thein tips with tobacco and keeping them in my hand carry.

I’m looking for answers regarding my method and any other advisable proposals ☺ it’d be highly appreciated.

Note: please no answers about how I shouldn’t do it, I’ve seen all those kinds of answers and they’re not an option for me right now. I understand all the risks, but I would just like to see plausible answers regarding the matter.

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One thought on “Bringing small amounts of weed on a flight from Spain back to asia

  1. blcklv

    If you have any clothing that’s made of cotton, wrap it in that. Scanners generally only show organics, inorganics, and metals. I have a friend that brought hash into America that way


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