Change of Plans


Change of Plans

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12 thoughts on “Change of Plans

  1. onloanfromgod

    Hey, savvy reddit user. Did you know about [80% of redditors are lurkers?]( And of the remaining 20% that contribute, [only 5% visit the comments?]( So if you’re reading this, you are part of the elite few. Enjoy these [bonus panels!](

    Also if you’re interested you can check out the [time-lapse creation]( of this comic!

  2. zugunruh3

    When my husband and I visited San Francisco the dispensary we stopped at was *giving out dabs*. He accepted, I decided I didn’t want to take even a tiny chance that both of us would be out of our minds and lost in an unfamiliar city.

  3. Creepypainting

    My first time doing dabs was at an Easter celebration. I had to just sit and watch the world go by because I couldn’t do anything. It was absolute bliss, everything was entertaining to look at.

  4. CokeHeadRob

    This is the most accurate representation of dabs I’ve seen.

    Like when I first did it I was living with my mom and she’s totally fine with me smoking. I got so high I couldn’t be around her. Took like an hour long shower to avoid sitting at the dinner table. I had just got done working so I had a good excuse for it. I’ve never done it without life turning into a disaster and I’ve handled some pretty important things I was surprised with while high.


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