Cleaning bongs with Oxiclean Advice? *specifically people that use Oxiclean to clean their pieces*

I have used 99% rubbing alcohol and salt forever now to clean my pieces, it really did work well but I recently just got a new piece and it had resin stained all over the perc and couldn’t get it off with the alcohol or salt. I looked into other/better ways to clean and came upon Oxiclean. I know it sounds weird if you never done it/heard it before but it’s actually a thing people do. I recently experimented with this on my new piece (the one I couldn’t get the resin stain out of from) and it was pretty amazing. I dumped some Oxiclean into my bong along with hot really hot water, corked my joint, and it then starts to foam up. I let it sit for around 2 hours (definitely was not necessary for that long) and you could literally just see this thing get clean without even touching my piece. I eventually took it to my tub and could see that the resin stain was still their but not as much. I then started shaking it with the Oxiclean inside still and that’s when it got completely clean. My piece looked like it was just bought from the shop and completely never used. I am on here because I am trying to find the best and smartest process to cleaning my bong with Oxiclean. Anybody that uses Oxiclean to their pieces, I would like to hear how your process is like.

The way I did it was:

1. Pour burning hot water into my bong before I do anything and shake to soften up the resin.

2. Dump Oxiclean inside along with hot water, cork my joint and let it sit for a few hours.

3. After from letting it sit, I then shake to finish the job. This a pretty essential step as I could tell. (My question here is do I need to let it sit or can I just shake it? If I need to let it sit, how long is best?)

4. I then empty out the Oxiclean with tap water really well.

5. After all the Oxiclean is out along with the tap water, I then throw in 99% rubbing alcohol to make sure I get all the Oxiclean. (My question here is do I need to actually put rubbing alcohol in after I get all the Oxiclean out or is this just an unnecessary extra step? If not, can I save the rubbing alcohol after I use it for making sure all the Oxiclean is all out (probably not because of Oxiclean possibly still being in there along with tap water too.))

6. I empty out all the rubbing alcohol and then fill up some distilled water to get all the tap water and alcohol out because tap water can cause water stains.

7. I get it completely dry, inside and out with rolling up a towel.

Is this the best way to do it? Does anybody do it a different way? I am just trying to cut the extras and unnecessary steps. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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