Constant “spacey” feeling and/or “hangover headache” after getting high

Hello. I’ve been consuming weed for a few years now, usually once every few weeks – mostly by vaping and sometimes by smoking a spliff.
Recently (past 3 months) after I’m no longer high I would remain with a very constant “spacey” feeling – making my head unable to think clear no matter how much time it has been since smoking/vaping the weed, and in some cases I even get a rather intensified headache, almost like a migraine or a “weed hangover”. The only thing that truly makes it all go away is a good night sleep.

1) Once again, it was never like this. Only started recently.
2) To make sure it’s not just a specific strain, I’ve tried returning to earlier strains I’ve used that never caused this effect, so it’s not some bad strain/mold/whatever.
3) When smoking/vaping, I don’t take huge amount. Just a medium size joint or a trench of the Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer.
4) I do keep myself hydrated and fed.

Could it be my body has begun rejecting weed and I’m now of the few that can’t consume it?

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