Edibles don’t work on me?


I don’t normally smoke. The first time in ten years that I have smoked, was a month ago. I have not smoked since.

For Christmas, a co-worker brought in gummies for everyone from a medical dispensary. The package said 100mg per pack, with 4 gummies per pack. He gave us each 2 packs.
Since I’m not a regular smoker, I ate 1 gummy, which would’ve been 25mg. It did nothing. Tonight at about 9, I decided to try eating 2 gummies. It’s now 11:18 and still nothing.
I asked someone else if they worked for them, and they said, without a doubt, yes, they got high…
Am I missing something here? Do edibles not work on some people?
I don’t want to go all in and eat an entire pack, and end up having a freak out, because I’ve heard some horror stories, but really..what’s going on? Did I get a bad batch?

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