Feel drained or sad after use of marijuana

Hey to give some background I’m 16 years old and depressed sometimes I use marijuana as a way to feel better and numb my depression for a while. And to be honest it works all my anxiety and hatred to myself goes away and I become happy however I always noticed the next day my depression is back with much greater force for about a couple of hours. Does anyone else feel sad after using marijuana the next day or is it a mind thing because I was happy the day before the next day I am no longer under the affects and feel even shittier because I am back to reality can anyone help me clarify my situation thanks.

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  1. My personal opinion is that people shouldn’t use cannabis recreationally until they’re well into their 20s. There is still a lot to be learned about how it affects a developing brain. That’s not to say if it’s the best medicine it shouldn’t be used, but that we shouldn’t approach it as if we’re 100% certain that it won’t affect certain areas of cognitive development.

  2. You are only treating a symptom of the underlying problem. If you just continue to sweep the dust under the rug eventually the dust can’t help but seep back out again. I highly suggest speaking to a professional regarding your anxiety and depression to find the root cause and get some help.

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