First-time smoker. Had a bad experience while high + how can I ensure a good high?


Hello! I am very much new to using marijuana, and have chosen to use a vape pen as I don’t like the harshness or taste of joints and pipes. I got high for the first time with a vaporizer (hybrid strain) yesterday (I have been high before with an indica strain from a joint), and it was an amazing experience.
I was super happy, my senses were amplified, music sounded amazing, and nature was so calming and peaceful. Oh, and food tasted amazing. Needless to say, I really enjoyed the experience! The high lasted about 2 and half hours.

I decided to get high again today, and for some reason, I was a bit nervous this time, but went ahead and smoked. (I know, this was surprisingly very naive of me and I think having a nervous mindset is what caused my bad experience). The high set in so much quicker than the day before’s, although I am somewhat certain I smoked the same amount. I felt my body get numb and fuzzy, and I jumped up and starting dancing because I knew I was high (lol), but I immediately felt weird. I can’t really describe it, but I felt like I didn’t have control over what I was doing, and after I did something, I felt like it didn’t happen. I felt conscious but at the same time like I was out of my body. Time passed by super slow and then super fast.
I am sorry for my horrible explanation, and I know it doesn’t sound that bad of an experience, but all I know is I was so much higher than the day before, and I was really scared and tripping out. I think my problem was that I was too high for my comfort. I am now a bit scared to get high again.

So I guess my questions are,
Is it normal to have a bad high?
Why do bad highs happen (setting, mood before smoking, strain)?
How can I prevent a bad high and ensure a good high?
What is the best way to learn my limits and what I like?

Any other advice or commentary is greatly appreciated. 🙂

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