First time smoker needs advice


Hey fellas,

I want to start smoking marijuana due to some health suggestions. Some people told me to mix it with tobacco, and some didn’t.

I’m curious what would be the most effective way? Does mixing it with tobacco is slowing down the healing process? Should I only make a joint full of weed?


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4 thoughts on “First time smoker needs advice

  1. iamrub3n

    Yeah. I also want to say fuck tobacco. My friends do mix but to save marijuana. I reccomend better not do that. Weed itself peace. It does not need anything else.. Plus I will be saying Take Organic not some short of fucking chemical mixed.

  2. im_tryin_man

    I do not recommend mixing with tobacco unless you used tobacco products in the past and like the nicotine. In theory, the less medicine (marijuana) you injest, the slower the healing process. Try a joint or pack a bowl of just marijuana and see how you feel before mixing tobacco in.


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