Flying to DR with weed

Now before everyone tells me it’s a horrible idea lol , I plan on vacuum sealing some weed crushed down really fine and putting it in a pocket of a jacket and throwing it in my carry on with a bunch of other clothing I won’t be putting any metal or anything in the bag that might alert them for a search.. So what are the chances they will spot a baggy with like 7g of weed.. I’m not really worried about the JFK airport as much as the Santiago one since I hear I have to get my carry on checked again at customs

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  1. My friend always told me that the TSA doesn’t care when you leave the US with drugs, only when you enter it.

    DR is corrupt as fuck, I feel if you get caught you can easily pay your way out. I definitely wouldn’t put it in a carry on though. Only check-in bags.

  2. … Just buy your weed when you arrive. Weed is everywhere. If you want to risk completely screwing up your life over a little bit of weed then that’s on you.

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