1. Looks like you’re sticking to high schooler ways tho. Jk gbs are very efficient but that taste is unbearable haha. Grats on graduating tho keep doing big things friEnt

  2. I know I can Google this but what’s GB? And don’t send me a “let me Google that for you. ” please. Lol I put GB and the first result was a game boy. XD

  3. YouTube here I come. I’ve only done things like this in highschool and usually friends would set it up. You’ve sparked my interest frent. Thank you!

  4. i graduate high school tomorrow too! 😉
    i don’t do GBs in the woods anymore though i stick to glass at home, and im saving up at my summer job for a PAX 3 to take to college, but its hard to save much and smoke all day haha.
    What are you doing in the fall? School, work, exploring the world?

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