Getting high for the first time in 3+ months. Got a couple questions.


When I smoke will it feel like my first time again?
Will I be able to drive 4-6 hours after smoking?
How long will it take for the thc to be out of my system?
Thanks in advance for answering this newbie’s questions.

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5 thoughts on “Getting high for the first time in 3+ months. Got a couple questions.

  1. numeralCow

    It’s never like your first time but you will probably get very stoned.

    You’ll probably be fine to drive after that many hours (although law enforcement opinion may vary).

    Nobody can tell you how long THC stays in your particular system. Too many factors come into play like how much fat you have, how active you are, and so on. If you’re worried about an imminent drug test, just don’t smoke. It’s not worth the anxiety.

  2. koniferus

    It will be more intense than last time lol. I’m on a two month break right now and can’t wait for it to be over. I take breaks pretty often due to the state I’m living in being illegal, scarce, and expensive. 😭

    The first smoke after a multi month break is always great. Your tolerance will come back quickly if you binge toke all day like I tend to do if possible lol.


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