Government agents are rigging my medical cannabis, and rig each other’s cannabis to make them hate it.


Indica feels like I’m on bath salts, sativa feels like I’ve drunk a bottle of vodka. It’s rigged all right.

I started smoking weed in the year 2000. I’ve grown it and smoked many strains in medical states. But I just want to warn you that if you’re getting “weird” weed it might be because some government agents have decided to mess with you.

I accidentally committed a crime which was victimless, but nonetheless highly frowned upon in our society (I was misled by shady people). I may have been led into committing this crime by government agents, I can’t be sure about that. I was very anti-war on the internet, and think this could have led them into a campaign to corrupt me.

All I can say for sure is that they torture me because of it. They can read my thoughts with remote neural monitoring and can communicate with me using what amounts to digital telepathy.

I know this is hard to believe, but I’m posting this because it’s a fact that alcohol prohibition agents did the same things to alcohol (actually even worse they were blinding people). But ironically I’m sort of being blinded by the government because the antipsychotics I was forced to take after to admitting to hearing voices I thought were the government cause diabetes – the leading cause of blindness in working age adults.

This whole thing goes back to cannabis prohibition because when I was recruited into the culture that ended up getting me to commit crime because I was drunk and associating with someone who could get me weed occasionally. That was the only reason I was hanging around that criminal. And one drunken night he recruited me into a culture of behavior I had been against my whole life. I wish I could say what this was, but let’s just say “it’s bad” as he told me that night.

I was the one in high school telling my friends how much better weed was than alcohol. I only became an alcoholic because I was on drug tests after getting arrested with weed. My whole life was ruined because of cannabis prohibition. Victim #X Million.

But the interesting thing is that I don’t use the word marijuana because it’s racist. But the government agents harrassing me always use that word. So you know it’s not part of my head doing that to me, it’s trained government psychopaths.

The kicker is that when I ask them (in my head I can have full conversations with them) why they oppose weed, they give me the same line “I tried it but I didn’t like it…” Holy shit that’s a revelation to me because I loved weed my whole life. I never understood any aversion to weed until after my harassment, and subsequent tainting of weed. Clearly there are government agents so desperate to keep a lid on weed legalization that they have to taint each other’s weed to keep people from discovering how fucking amazing it is.

Instead of smoking weed, living a long time worry free, confident, anxiety free, happy and peaceful, they instead have to do things like drink alcohol and exercise and torture people to get their kicks. Weed is a short cut. No hangover, solves boredom, stimulates endogenous cannabinoids with no effort required (once you learn how to inhale).

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