Hallucinating from weed


Tripped out after smoking and my heart was pounding.. scary experience, my best friend made one batch of brownies with 5 oz of bud, I had half of one of the 12 brownies and about 7 hits of a 95% g-pen, so I was already gone from the pen, the brownie was about to kick in, and I thought I was ready for it. I wasn’t. So 45 minutes later in my best friends basement chilling on the couch, the brownie kicked in. I was in this phase where I felt like I was falling asleep, then waking back up. I kept seeing things, it felt like I was hallucinating, my mind kept flashing back to memories from before and I was experiencing them in real time, I didn’t understand what was going on. This shit had to be laced, but it wasn’t, it was the amount of THC in my body, the weed was fine but the pen just sent me into another world. So for the next 3 days after that somehow felt hungover from weed. It’s definitely not my tolerance either. Anyone know what happened?

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