Help: edibles not working?

Anyone got any tips for how to make edibles work? I’m a pretty experienced smoker but due to severe asthma I’ve had to quit all vaping and smoking, I’ve tried edibles a couple times and I’ve never gotten them to work!! I’ve even taken 5-6x the recommended dose and just never felt anything. I really wanna get high again but I feel like I’m running out of options

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  1. What kind are you eating?

    Dosage can vary between people. For example, my husband and I both eat cheebas and a couple other brands. I have similar lung issues that prevent me from smoking again. 2 10 mg edibles is enough for husband, while 1/2 gets me comfortably high.

    Also, you can build a tolerance to pot, although it not sure of the rate in edibles vs inhaled.

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