Help with anxiety while smoking weed

So I have friends who smoke occasionally and the first time I tried i was put into a state of being so scared of everything- I mainly thought the high feeling would last forever and freaked me out so bad, I was also scared of my parents and slept at a friend’s, but throughout the night my body was twitching and I was sweating so badly. Even the next morning I was still in the “high” and anxiety feeling which made my decision to never do it again. Well a few months ago I tried again, this time not near as much (1-2 hits blunt) Then I started to feel the chills down my back and here came the anxiety and paranoia once again but only luckily lasted a few minutes. The third time was 1 month ago and it was a special breed called girls scout platinum and it gave a me the greatest feeling ever! but then I tried the next day bc i thought i was now over paranoia but it came back when I did just normal weed, and when I tried to sleep just to get away from the feeling, I couldn’t even sleep because my body was in a constant feeling like i was about to fall off the bed so it would twitch so much and feel flexed… This paranoia feeling is so scary and It puts in this state for multiple days where I constantly can’t think straight and feel “normal” I know this is a long post but I wish i knew why this happens to me because I feel like I’m missing out on how great marijauna is šŸ™

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  1. Everyone reacts to drugs differently. Some people have worse experiences or comes downs than others. Unless you find a strain that doesn’t give you this reaction, you should avoid it. At least you tried šŸ™‚

    Paranoia is not actually considered a normal part of the experience, despite pop culture. If you’re getting anxious and paranoid, these are often the first signs that you are someone who is more prone to a drug induced psychosis in the future.

    Think of it as an allergy.

    Good luck. Hope you find a strain that works for you.

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