Hey everybody! First time smoker here, have some questions.

So tonight I’m gonna be smoking a few joints for the first time, I’ll be doing it outside. So afterwards I will be going into my laundry room and washing my clothes, then I am going to chew gum and shower. Will this completely remove the smell of the weed? Will it still be on my clothes when they come out of the wash? Will walking around the house make the house smell?

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  1. If it’s your first time, smoking “a few joints” will probably make you never want to smoke again lol. Start slow, a hit or two, wait a few mins, then go again until you’re content. Greening out is never fun.

    If you’re worried about smell, use gum and cologne, what you stated is prolly overkill but would work.

  2. I usually smoke in a sweatshirt, the shirt underneath won’t smell, or will have a weak smell. As long as you aren’t hotboxing smell won’t be the worst issue. It won’t stay in your house but you may drag a smell with you until you shower/wash your clothes. My room smells like pot a bit but outside of that you couldn’t tell there was weed in the house.

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