Homemade tincture

Hey guys I’m trying to make high cbd low thc weed. Because it’s not legal in my state I kind of had to improvise.

I mixed about 100mL of vodka and soaked 1/2gram in it for a few days. I used a coffee filleted to filtered out all the weed gunk. I’m assuming this has now transferred the thc into the alcohol.

After making the thc vodka I added in one gram of crystalline cbd.

My problems are as follows;
-the cbd has not mixed in at all, which is somewhat concerning. It seems to be just gathering in larger clumps and I don’t know how to break these up.
-when the tincture is done I literally have no idea how I’m supposed to consume it. Maybe like sublingually? But I feel like this may not give much of an effect.

Any advice much appreciated!

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