How am I supposed to find a job in the industry when I’m the 80th applicant in line at every dispensary I apply to?

The title basically says it all. I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I am at a loss as to what to do.

I got an MED Badge about a month ago, in hopes that I’d land a job relatively easy at one of the what seems like hundreds of dispensaries in the Colorado Springs area. Before I actually applied and received my badge I did the research and I knew going into this that it would be tough competition, but since I had come from a small town in Kansas my grasp of “tough competition” was various high school dropouts or meth heads. Seeing as how I am neither, I normally always got the jobs I applied to. Even after moving here to the Springs, I was able to find a job within two weeks, so I didn’t think anything of any competition. I also assumed that there weren’t THAT many people in my area that would be interested in working with weed, seeing as how there’s a strong military influence here and it also seems like a lot of old, rich people live here as well.

Well almost two months in, my current job is getting worse and I feel like they are about to fire me for something that breaks a law. I can’t afford to be jobless with how expensive my biweekly bills are, so I’ve been desperately calling every dispensary in this city that I can, but that’s where I run into my problem. I call most places first just to ask if they are hiring, and almost every place has told me that they are either accepting applications in paper or on their website. I’ve sent at least 30 different places my resumé, most with their own cover letters and everything, but like the title says, I’m the 80th person in line. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to stand out amongst the others seeing as how I’m only 22 and have no actual professional experience in any field of marijuana. I’ve recently started growing and while I haven’t had a harvest yet, I’ve learned so much in such a short time that I can’t wait for the opportunity to learn so much more in a professional environment.

Basically this post is meant to see if there’s anyone else out there who has been in or is in my situation right now, and if there’s any advice they could offer. I’ve read all these articles online too of how to make yourself stand out, but once again I’m definitely not the only one who has done that. Thanks in advance for anyone who has anything to offer!

Tl;dr: Got an MED Badge in hopes of getting a job in the industry quickly, turns out that’s not gonna happen. Wondering if anyone has any advice or is in my situation and can offer anything to help. Thanks in advance!

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  1. My advice would be to find some dispensaries you really like because of the layout, atmosphere, people working there, customers, plants outside whatever.

    Then go to those places in person and explain why you like them so much. Truth shines through. I only want to hire people that WANT to be here…not just have to pay bills. That leads to turnover which is generally bad for business. Moreover, when hiring someone for a customer facing position it helps to see their face in 2 cents😁

  2. I mean the reason it’s over crowded is because there are a lot of job opportunities. It makes sense you’re the 80th applicant in line.

    I was just living in Denver. Live near your work and you’ll be fInez

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