How do I hide the smell and effects of weed when my dad is a stoner, and actually still smokes to this day?

I plan on trying it for the first time over spring break, but my dad is a stoner, and my grandma has the nose of a bloodhound. I dont have access to eye drops either.

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  1. Honestly… it’s quite hard. Unless you are extremely used to being stoned and can keep your eyes open and try not to look high, but that’s no fun. Definitely shower after you smoke, or at least brush your teeth. Taking fish oil helps with the hard to open/blood shot eyes.

    But honestly… I’d just be open with them about it. Especially at least with your dad cause he smokes. But then again idk how old you are ;p

    First time I ever figured out my dad got high was when I was high sitting next to him, we were both eating Taco Bell cinnamon twists, and he turned and gave me that *im so stoned I hope my son doesn’t notice but damn these cinnamon twists are fire* look

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