How do I smoke in an apartment?

So I moved into an apartment about 5 months ago but it’s not an apartment complex it is a house that has been broken up into 3 apartments. I am on the bottom floor of the house. So the way the house is laid out is that my living room was an add on to the house. The staircase for the other tenant upstairs Runs along the back wall of my living room. When I smoke my marijuana I only smoke in the living room because I think it’s the best spot for me to smoke since it’s an add on to the house and also because there is no one living above me in the living room. The tenant that has been living above me has been here for 21 years and is now moving out. I’ve only seen him maybe three times but he has never complained to me nor my landlord that I know of and I am a heavy smoker it’s not like I smoke a quick bowl and that’s it. I was wondering if anyone thinks I’m safe still smoking in here. I don’t know if the guy upstairs never complained cause he knew he was moving out but I’m afraid when this new person takes that apartment they will smell it. What do you guys think? And no we don’t not share vents. I also never open my windows because my landlord lives in the house right next to me and would easily be able to smell it if I blew it out the window.

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  1. Get a paper towel roll and some dryer sheet …put dryer sheets in roll and blow ur smoke through the sheets and they will think u are doing laundry all the tyme….lol

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