How much weed/ Kief do I need to make edibles?

I’ve got a quarter of some good quality weed and then I’ve got whatever weed is still in my grinder, I’d say it’s 2 more grams, along with what I’m assuming is about 2 grams of Kief, I’m only looking to make a single batch of cookies with it, will I need more or am I alright with the amount I’ve got?

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  1. If you’re only looking to make a couple brownies only use a few grams, don’t listen to people that tell you that you need an ounces or whatever, i made 9 brownies and only used 4gs and everyone got extremely fried, i had people telling me that they were gonna be so weak because i didn’t have enough bud, they were infact wrong, and when you make the butter DO NOT have it cooking for less than 3 hours, my friend did 45 minutes and his batch with 10gs was weaker than mine that only had 4! And do not use too much bud unless you plan on making a lot of edibles, trust me weed in edibles is A LOT stronger than smoking it, have fun cooking and enjoy the high bro!

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