How safe is it to smoke on the street if weed is only decriminalized and not legalized?

I moved to vienna a few years ago and weed here is decriminalized below 5g for personal use. So technically they cant fine you or arrest you if you have less than 5g with you. Do you guys think its safe to smoke a joint on my way home? I dont live in a very crowded district, lots of family houses with gardens and not a lot of people on the streets. Im very paranoid of someone calling the cops on me, even tho you see all the videos and news of people giving -1 fucks about other people. It most likely wont happen but im still afraid of it. Thoughts?

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  1. Not sure of anywhere else but decriminalized doesn’t mean they cannot fine you. Theu cannot arrest you because they cannot charge you with a criminal misdemenor or felony. It is concidered a civil penalty.

    With that said i would vape anywhere close to people.

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