Husband (30) is experiencing severe withdrawals

Hi All, hope this is the right place to post this?

My husband has been smoking for 15 years daily. Many of those years being heavy use. 3 months ago he lost his job and has been smoking from when he wakes up till he goes to bed.

The past 2 days he hasn’t been able to get any so he hasn’t been smoking at all, which has left him in bad shape. He switches from angry to incredibly sad (almost in tears) , can’t sleep, has night sweats, is very quiet, loss of appetite, nausea. I know this is probably normal but I don’t know how to help him through it. Does anyone have any advice?

My main concern is the anger. We have been through this before and it ended with many broken things due to his angry outbursts. Only for him to start smoking again…

He has been taking anti-depressants these last few months but I don’t think it’s really helping anymore. The withdrawals are just too strong.

If anyone has any experience with calming the anger and irritability I would really appreciate if you would share!

Thanks for listening!

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