I don’t know if i will be drug tested PLS help

I was arrested for Marijuana , i had about 4gs and half a Hydro on me at the time,
i don’t usually take Hydrocodones. but i had a prescription for it a while back and never took all of them so i had half of one in my pocket when i was arrested I was NOT High at the time so, i dint get a DWI. i don’t roll a joint, hit a bong just a one hitter which is a Dugout, and i have been smoking about 1.5gs a week I’ve been doing this for about 5 years. So the main questions are
will i be drug tested ?
am i a Heavy/Chonic Smoker
FYI: The main Reason i’m going before a judge is not the marijuana. it was the half of a hydrocodone .

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  1. It depends on the place you were caught. I know people who were drug tested every single month for the entirety of probation and I know people who weren’t tested once. My boyfriend was caught with less then an 8th and was tested every month. My brother on the other hand had a felony distribution charge and was never tested. Some districts are harsher then others.

  2. You had a prescription . Simple as that. Bring proof and apologize for taking it out of the bottle. End of story.
    And yes, you are a heavy pot user but who cares. Use synthetic piss and be done.

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