I need advice! Can anyone help a post-spice paranoid smoker?


Back on my 18th birthday my first encounter with “weed” was from spice/k2 which led to hallucinations and thoughts that I killed everyone and was floating in hell as the last spirit left. I also had seizures and was edging on cardiac arrest so I ended up in the hospital and felt high for weeks after… Flash forward to a year ago when I tried just plain ol’ marijuana! I felt great and loved the ease of anxiety and elimination of all adhd symptoms I had. Problem was that if I did more than 1 hit or even a half hit I would feel like the world was not real and enter a state of derealization!!! I really want to love the effects all the time but I need help with two major things

1. If I were to smoke a single hit every day would my tolerance raise to where I would not have to worry about going “over the edge”
2. Is there a way to dose marijuana each time to an almost exact measurement?
3. I have tried both Indica and Sativa but find that a 60:40 ratio seems to make me less paranoid but less happy and feel good. Why can this be?

I appreciate all the help I can get! I really want to use this as a medication more than recreationally as it is the only thing that has helped. My therapist has recommended this even over traditional methods but has told me to start small and only do as much as needed

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2 thoughts on “I need advice! Can anyone help a post-spice paranoid smoker?

  1. sniggglefutz

    I hadn’t smoked in 20 yrs due to employment. I retired it July and decided I would try smoking again to ease some anxiety. I started just taking one hit and got high as shit, hahaha. I experienced a bit of derealization and an almost trippy like high. This has slowly wound down to a very relaxed and comfortable buzz over the past several months of smoking. I don’t smoke all day, just at night. The pot of today is definitely not the stuff I smoked as a teen…. ho-lee shit.

    Long story short, I would continue if you feel like you get some benefit from it. I kind of enjoyed the psychedelic buzz I got during my “initial break-in period”. All the best.


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