I Only Get Hives When I Smoke Marijuana. But…


When I vape marijuana concentrate with a battery, I am symptom-free. Am I allergic to a specific bacteria or pesticide in dry herb that concentrates don’t contain? What gives?

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2 thoughts on “I Only Get Hives When I Smoke Marijuana. But…

  1. Cjrodden0

    I would say it is Powdery mildew contamination extremely common with big chain dispensaries with limited space and a lot of product to push, a Terpene allergy, or like you said pesticides, (also from having to supply more)

    “Organic” pesticides are commonly used even when you think there aren’t any. Things like Neem oil, sodium laurel sulfate, pyrethrins are “organic” and can cause allergies.

    It is more difficult these days, but it’s possible to find ganj without pesticides at all.

    Ask when buying, but also look on the ingredients list. (if you have one) check the weed you smoked and had the reaction. Compare it to others and see what happens.

    If you can vape it, or eat it, thats better for you anyway!

  2. Gaping_Ass_Wound

    Doubt it’s any contaminants or pm. If I even brush up against my flowering plants with bare skin I welt up where it touched my skin…also causes me to have a runny nose/itchy eyes if I don’t wear a mask while trimming.

    Some people just react differently to things.


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