Is it possible to smoke past the paranoia?


Serious question. Not that I have tried it but is it possible to smoke past the paranoia or does it ultimately lead to even deeper levels of paranoia without any light at the end? Has anyone ever tried this?

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5 thoughts on “Is it possible to smoke past the paranoia?

  1. orotnashsad

    I’ve found that it’s not the amount you smoke that gets you past paranoia, it’s the number of times you smoke in a given time period. Smoke once in a blue moon? You might get paranoid. Smoke every day? You sure as hell won’t.

  2. fckurgod

    Everyone is different with canibis. I’ve noticed with Sativa I tend to get paranoid at times regardless of the amount that I smoke. Indica doesn’t seem to give me any paranoia regardless of how much I smoke.

  3. Sirefly

    Two things that can cause paranoia are strain and amount.

    Strains heavy in sativa can lead to paranoia, strains heavy in indica ease it.

    The main culprit is smoking/eating too much too fast.

    If there is such a thing as an “overdose” of cannabis, the effects are paranoia, fear, troubling thoughts, racing heart beat and losing the color in one’s face. It’s called “having a whitey”.

    If you are prone to paranoia try smoking smaller amounts each hit, but more of them to reach the level you desire.

    Take a small hit, wait 15-20 minutes to see how it effects you, then do another small hit and wait, etc.

    If you have had paranoia or panic attacks when smoking in the past, you might begin to feel the beginnings of one happening even with the smaller dose. That is just your muscle memory getting ready for what it thinks is about to happen, but with the smaller dose, it won’t end up becoming a full on panic or paranoia attack.

    After a while of using cannabis in this way your body will get used to getting high and won’t react in a negative way.

    If you do ever experience the panic again, just try to relax, tell yourself you had a bit too much, it’s not dangerous, it will go away with time and you’ll actually feel pretty good when you come down a bit.


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