Is there any pot that has 0% anxiety ?

I use to LOOVE pot and smoked for many years. THen I got into opioids and I decided to get sober from everything.

But I am thinking of getting some cannabis products for my parents. However, they lived thru the 60s when it was about 1% thc. So today’s stuff would be a big surprise.

One thing I noticed in my final years of smoking was I was just getting too much anxiety.

I realize an indica strain would have more CBD and less THC. But since THC is required to get high, and THC is the one that creates anxiety, is it possible to have something that creates zero anxiety?

Also, are edibles the best way to go today if I got something for my parents? I assume they are more predictable with dosages and stuff?

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  1. Anything < or = 5% THC is good but if you want 0 anxiety try high CBD low THC strains, most of the whole anxiety aspect of marijuana is typically a result of anxiety prior to consumption which ends up being exacerbated by marijuana.

  2. Skip the pot, go straight to CBD oil.

    Learn meditation, go back to pot, high CBD strain, only take two hits, not a whole joint, not a whole bowl, give yourself 45 minutes to feel through the effects, chew something crunchy to tell your brain “I’m safe enough to eat.”

  3. My understanding is CBD offsets THC anxiety. Find a strain with higher CBD than THC and you should be fine. Medical states will often have strains that are under 5% THC and 12%+ CBD. I have zero anxiety from those strains. High THC strains I don’t enjoy at all.

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