1. r/treedibles

    There are many many kinds of edibles. It all depends on what you want to make and what set up you want to use.

    If you have access to dispensary made activated RSO then you can simply add that to pretty much any edible or put it in a gel capsules. It’ll probably be more effective if its first melted into a fat and then made into an edible. You could also probably easily make hard candies in a double boiler with RSO. A grain sized drop of RSO can also be spread under the tongue or along the gums.

    If you only have access to whole plant marijuana then you will need to get a fat like butter, coconut oil, or cooking oil, or you could use high-proof alcohol to make green dragon or a tincture(150+ proof the higher the better).

    You can search for cannabutter to get many basic recipes. The basic method is to combine ground marijuana and butter in a double boiler or other stable heat source(like a crockpot) and to cook them together for 3 to 12+ hours. Once you have finished stewing the two together for several hours you can strain the marijuana out with cheesecloth or a mesh screen or a gold coffee filter.

    You can then use that butter in any baked good recipe that will accept butter.

  2. I’m assuming what has spread to your lungs isn’t someyhing good, so I assume you need strong medication. Your best bet is using concentrates. On the low end you have RSO or QWISO that is very dark and dank, on the high end you have stuff like Rosin, which is typically golden in color. I use a gram of rosin placed in a 30ml glass dropper bottle, which I heat for 45 minutes at 215°f, which decarboxylates the THC. I then
    add liquid coconut oil and shake well. Super easy to make, very discrete. Drop under your tongue and hold it. You should start feeling it within 15 minutes nad should last about 2 hours. You can make it stronger if you like, but I found that to be a good balance of efficiency and economy.

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