Jeff Sessions is coming for your legal weed in 10 days


Remember when we all thought Jeff Sessions was about to wreck the legal weed industry and then he didn’t? Weird, huh? And then we all went back to our regular lives.

Well……….it turns out the reason he didn’t do that wasn’t because the old Keebler elf’s heart grew three sizes on Inauguration Day. It was because of something called the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment, which was a rider (basically a mini-law attached to a regular bill) that’s been attached to every US federal budget since 2014. The rider prevents the DOJ from spending any funds in the budget from being spent on going after marijuana businesses in states where it’s been legalized. Essentially that means that Sessions can’t do anything about weed.

The current budget expires on December 15th and (1) no proposed new budget has the rider attached and (2) if the republicans and democrats don’t pass a budget and the government shuts down, the DEA doesn’t – and that means that the man who likes the KKK more than stoners is gonna have free reign to sic everyone’s least favorite cops until that budget does pass.

Weed is still not *actually* legal, folks. It’s still a Schedule I substance under federal law, and the supremacy clause makes federal law the ultimate law of the land. We’ve just been pretending weed is legal is because, barring a short period early after Colorado and Washington passed their legalization measures, effectively it was. That all changes when this amendment goes away.

Hide yo weed businesses, folks. Christmas is coming early for Sessions.

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10 thoughts on “Jeff Sessions is coming for your legal weed in 10 days

  1. WCR-jv27

    Just when i thought having terminal cancer, having to buy another recommendation for literally 30 days (California legal on 1st), and the expectation that all top shelf weed will be wiped out at all delivery services on the 1st, it couldnt get much worse. Guess I was wrong.

    Anybody have any actual info on how this is going to work on the 1st in Cali? Im scared to even look. If its anything like Colorado, I may have even more trouble getting top shelf. The top stuff already runs out a lot. I need hard hitting indica. Anything but the best is just difficult to smoke for no reasonable benefit.

  2. itisiagain

    What do you think Sessions and the Feds are going to do about the trend towards legalization in the rest of the world?

    Don’t you think the Feds would rather spend their limited energy and resources on suppressing people who might actually go out and try to make changes happen instead of messing with a bunch of stoners?

  3. johangubershmidt

    It is an issue, but one thing you have to remember is that the DEA has always been assisted by local authorities. As it stands now, yes federal law supersedes state law -but- federal powers cannot compel local authorities to enforce federal law. Local authorities enforce the laws of their jurisdiction and if their people think weed is okay they don’t have to see things differently. Now, what this means for Jeff sessions; yes he could technically choose to enforce federal laws in States that are currently not complying, but he would soon realize that his ideas don’t have the kind of support they used to, and all expenses told, any significant show of force would wreck his budget. Also he’d look like a huge tool doing it!

    Not saying he realizes this is a losing fight, but it is so he’s welcome to try his luck. He’ll do damage but he won’t stop anything. Even more than that, nobody wants to side with the guy forcing invalids to live unnecessarily miserable existences because ” good people don’t smoke marijuana”

  4. ishyaboydima

    You’re not correct. The R-B Amendment does not cover recreational, and he has yet to do anything about it. Same policy as Obama. If he decides to crack down, I highly doubt it’ll be medical and highly doubt it’ll be in ten days. So put your pitchfork down.

  5. MrMojoRisin95x

    So serious question…is this a genuine immediate threat to medical marijuana or no? It doesn’t seem like it but if so I would like to stock up while I can because I genuinely cannot function without it due to my bipolar or else I will be a manic mess.


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