Marijuana and depression/anxiety

Does marijuana increase anyone’s depression or anxiety?? It seems like my symptoms get worse the day after I smoke and I didn’t know if anyone also experienced these as well since I’ve also heard it can help it. Clarification would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. It always helped me, but my depression comes from anxiety, about life and about decisions. It helped me to see things from another’s perspective and oftentimes after a fight with someone if I smoked they would get an apology from me not long after. I overthink things, and cannabis helped to clarify a lot when my mind was lost in itself. My depression would come back, but then again depression also comes back, and worse, if your on anti depressants or anti anxiety medication and stop taking them. The upside being that your not going to become physically dependent on cannabis, it won’t fuck with your body/brain chemistry, and it isn’t a god forsaken pill.

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