Maybe Marijuana just isn’t for me.

I’m 30 and just started smoking/eating pot a few years ago. I’ve had some positive experiences on it but overall it’s making me anxious and nervous. I get caught up in my head like crazy, it never relaxes me the way alcohol does. I’m even an electronic music producer so you’d think the stuff would really help me when it actually just slows me down and impairs my judgement. I think something sounds good that later just sounds okay. So I’m thinking of just giving it up altogether. However a question I’d pose to you all is if you think it’s really just exposing an inner terrain that I don’t like to think about, or emotions I don’t like to feel. In other words maybe there’s something I need to fix with myself first before I can actually enjoy it care-free…

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  1. I have this problem, I – for the most part – love being high however, unless I am 100% in the correct state of mind I end up feeling really terrible.

    Although, this doesn’t happen when I smoke great weed on trips in the Netherlands or when I’ve been able to get good strains at home. Maybe it’s all about choosing the right strain…

  2. I’m an anxious person myself and I also get caught up in my head at times, but then I just focus on something else I’m doing rather than myself and I have an enjoyable experience pretty much every time. Anxiety is an odd thing and once you learn how to cope with it properly and not let it consume you then it’s easy to have an enjoyable time. It really helps to just look outward instead of focusing on yourself.

    Going back to your question of exploring an inner terrain, I do find psychedelics to be very introspective and eye opening. I can usually identify things bothering me and write them down. I feel like it brings out the true me which is always good. Ultimately it’s up to you though and what you think you need to do.

    Try focusing on the music you’re creating and how much you enjoy it, because chances are if you like it, someone else will. Happy toking 🙂

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