Medical marijuana Opinion needed

My grandfather has been diagnosed with pneumonia along with copd and lung cancer. He has been given 7 days to 15 days for his total lung failure. I have started looking at possible treatment using marijuana as last option.Need some help here : Is this something where marijuana can help us? What are some good resources to look for to get some understanding regarding the issue. Medical science has given up all hope and this is an alternative way we are looking at.

Thanks for all the help.

I am from India if it helps in anyway.

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  1. You would probably be looking at making Rick Simpson Oil or RSO. I have no idea if there is any effect on pneumonia. RSO is a thick dark colored extract of marijuana usually made with grain alcohol then evaporated. If you decide to make it make sure you are outside in a well-ventilated area. I have never made RSO and can’t comment any further on how to do it safely.

    Regardless it probably won’t cure him. Some people claim to get a bit of tomor reduction and some think it work synergistically with chemotherapy but that’s mostly just conjecture.

    If he isn’t experienced with marijuana it can be uncomfortable to have too much. You can try to combat that with CBD if you can find a CBD rich source, but it’s best to start someone slow especially if you can’t use an inhaled method.

  2. Many people with COPD find that eating a diet with [more fats is helpful](, if so, any infused fat may be added in to his regular diet as tolerated. Ghee works very well. As the other poster noted, start slow. A simple tea made by boiling cannabis in milk and adding a bit of that to whatever beverage he can tolerate can be an easy way to medicate.

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