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So I recently got a check for a large sum of money so now I have the funds to apply for medical marijuana.

I’m currently living in Arizona and I have chronic pain from Fibromayalgia. What documents will I need from my doctor before I go to see the doctor on Saturday?

Another big factor is that my fiancee is deathly allergic to it. So with the card could I legally smoke in my shed or walk off into the big lot behind my house and not get arrested?

What items will I need to be able to smoke? I know a pipe, lighter, and grinder but what else?

One more thing I need to know is how much the actual marijuana is roughly going to cost.

Thank you for any advice and info you can give me.

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  1. Nifti_pixi

    I believe you would need medical documentation from your primary care physician along with your state ID and the fund for the consultation, processing, and state fees. I would suggest calling around to medical marijuana evaluation clinics to be more knowledgeable on that subject.

    On the part of your fiancee being allergic to cannabis, I’d suggest vaporizing or eating your medicine, topically applied salves, creams, and lotions work great for helping with the nerve pain associated with fibro.

    Source: Colorado Budtender/boss uses topicals to help her fibro.


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