Melatonin, weed, and orgasms

I feel the need to share this. It has completely changed my life.

I stored my weed in an old melatonin bottle that I didn’t realize was full of powdered melatonin until I went to vape last night. Figured what the hell and took three massive hits of melatonin laced weed and had the greatest high of my life. Nothing compares.

So anyway, a good porn sesh later and I have the orgasm I’ve been waiting my entire life for. It did not stop until I stopped moving my hand. I have no idea how long it actually was but it was definitely a personal record. The only one that I can think of that compares is the very first one I ever had when I almost fell down in the shower.

And then ten hours of the most perfect lucid/hallucinogenic sleep ever.

Anyway. Give it a shot. Don’t overdo it. Be safe.

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