My mom is irrationally still anti-weed


It honestly makes me lose respect for her. It just shows how most people are so entrenched in left vs right even obvious issues are wrong if they aren’t on your side. I think both left and right have good and bad ideas I have my leaning but i don’t think anybody can be right 100% correct all of the time. Most issues are super complicated but weed is just not one of those issues. She also just wont believe my first hand experiences. It’s disturbing the level she will go to shut out information. She also says that the only goal of weed is to get high and that people can drink beer and not get drunk. This just seems irrelevant to me.

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2 thoughts on “My mom is irrationally still anti-weed

  1. iamisandisnt

    Lots of people love to smoke just a little bit. Ask her if she’s never heard of the term “contact high” and explain to her that the strongest, stereotypical effects aren’t nearly as apparent when you’re not a lightweight, which is also a beer term. Tell her unlike alcohol, it’s impossible to die from consuming too much and will NEVER make someone violent. See how she likes her beer comparison after that…

  2. PimpHand420

    “She also says that the only goal of weed is to get high and that people can drink beer and not get drunk.”

    When she makes statements like this it’s easy to refute her beliefs by just turning her OPINION around on her, especially when her opinions are clearly based on misinformation and ignorance.

    It’s easy to mash up an opinion next to a fact and try to draw a shaky correlation between them.

    “The only goal of alcohol is to get drunk and people can smoke weed and not get high.”

    The only way she can refute this is by naming some people she knows who drink without getting drunk, (anecdote) while at the same time verifying through in depth scrutiny of the entire smoking population that they ALL smoke to get high. (impossible)

    Anecdotes and impossibilities are not a good foundation for drawing conclusions.

    The next time she says “the only goal of weed is to get high”, ask her what she thinks of Charlotte Figi. Ask her to reason through such a ridiculous statement and still be able to rationalize the concept of CBD strains that don’t get you high.


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