New smoker, panic attacks?


so i’m relatively new to smoking and edibles, one time i did edibles in a hotel room with my friend, no way of getting caught and about an hour in my heart just started beating rapidly and i couldn’t sit still and i got all jittery and a little nauseous. same thing happened when i hotboxed my friends shed, nobody home so nothing to worry about again, and we just chilled in his basement and my heart started racing. last night when i smoked the same thing happened, but like every time, i felt the high at first, like my eyes were super red and very heavy, but then it kicks in and my heart starts going. i don’t have a history of depression or anxiety, but whenever i smoke it seems to trigger what i’m thinking is a panic attack or anxiety. is this normal for a new smoker? anyone else experience this or know how to fix it? thanks.

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