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Alright here’s the story, never smoked in my life until about a month ago (I’m 25 btw) my first time we smoked a bowl, I don’t know what kind of weed it was but I smoked enough till I got a little buzz. The next day, we smoked again, again a bowl, I got more high and it was fantastic, had an absolute blast with my buddy, ate some food and watched half baked haha.

Okay, so here’s where it got bad, a few days later my same friend had a friend that wanted to smoke with me (because we’ve been talking about it for a while) he is a very experienced daily smoker. Once again I do not know what kind of weed he had brought, we smoked it out of a mini bong, and BOOM.. I freaked out. I had no control of my brain, any thought I had kept firing, my heart was racing, and I was very worried, I also had the worst cottonmouth everrrr. My friends were very good about it and helped me out by just being relaxing, eventually I couldn’t take it and So I went to my room and laid down trying to force myself to go to sleep, it got a little better their until I fell asleep and woke up a few hours later a little bit high, but feeling good. Even the day after I was having anxiety lol.

So my simple question, can any weed do this to me? Is it just ME and the way my body reacted? Was the weed maybe way to potent? I’m asking because I really enjoyed the high I had the two days prior, but fuck, I never want to go through that third day again!

Any answers would be appreciated!!

Edit: did a little more research and found that it was probably a bad idea to smoke what was most likely a high THC weed out of a bong as a beginner. Any recommendations for some good strains to start off with? Or strains to stay away from? Is there anything in the buds that can tell me what kind of weed I’m smoking??

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  1. Your problem is that you probably just smoked too much. If you are new and try to keep up with an experienced smoker you’ll most likely get way more stoned than you want to. Just keep your own pace and find your own limits.

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