Please, help me understand this drug. Convince me and understand my view please.

Okay so, this is gonna be a bit of a rant, but i’ll be as civilised as i can.

I’m not anti-weed by any means, but im sceptical, I know it has health benefits, i know that its natural, i know that you can’t overdose… but i do have some opinions about it that i honestly want to say without upsetting anyone here.

For the sake of being honest, i’ve never smoked weed in my life, im a chronic pain patient with suicidal tendencies due to the pain, i have been on APAP/Codeine for 4 years, yes it helps. So i’m what many stoners have called me a filthy junkie that should just smoke weed (which is a poor argument imo)

So, growing up, in the 90’s, weed was a “bad drug”, so i was raised to believe that it wasn’t good for you, etc.

I still believe that it has negative effects, like addiction (i know i know “BUT WEED ISNT ADDICTIVE, ITS NOT LIKE COFFEEE”) but i’ve seen people spiral down the weed hole, and struggle to come out of it, they’ve smoked as soon as they get up, to when they sleep, the whole “wake and bake” feels like an unhealthy thing, and whilst you can say it’s not, mentally it just means you’re dependant on being high to a point, just to start your day.

My friend in high school started smoking a few years ago, and whenever i see him, he has sunken eyes, no motivation to do anything, he smokes, eats, plays games, he has no direct future, nothing fun comes out of him anymore… its upsetting.

I know that CBD is a great part of weed, and that it is where most of the “healthy” stuff comes from, i put healthy in quotations because it’s imo not healthy healthy. I approve of the legalisation of MMJ purely because it would help those that need it, i don’t care about others getting high because it’s their life, if they wanna fuck with their own life, i couldn’t care any less.

But i hate the lies the internet has told everyone saying its a perfectly safe drug with no ill side effects, the people over at the Leaves subreddit have given me insight to the negative side effects, or the negative life style surrounding weed.

I’m not scared to smoke it, but i feel like if ill participate in doing this drug, that it’ll grasp me and ill just want to have more, and i don’t want to fall down that hole.

Please, be respectable of my views, i know this is reddit, where, 99% of the weed smokers love getting high all day and bragging about how high they are (atleast from what i see on a day to day basis).

Please, lets keep this discussion civilised… Ive seen weed ruin and wreck lives and i just need to understand both sides.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. While I agree with you, I have seen pot wreck my brothers life, I have smoked for the past 2 years and I have actually been more motivated by it. I am finishing college and currently looking for jobs. I do not have an addictive personality, I can get bored by video games rather quick but my brother doesn’t. He literally can’t stop playing video games and has very addictive behaviors overall. With that said I think weed is really a person to person thing. You have to know how it affects you and if you feel it affects you in a negative way then it’s not for you.

    I would purposely get everything done that I needed to get done for my day so that when I got home I could smoke. I work and do everything I can not to provide for pot but because I know that I myself have to just to sustain the lifestyle I want. It does suck to have pot federally illegal as it makes it tough to get jobs. But I do think there is a freedom within it that affects everyone differently.

  2. You should hate the lies you were told throughout the 80’s and 90’s. My suggestion is to take each of those lies and write them down, then research each one. You’ll find the evidence showing that the majority of those lies are in fact bullshit, and the the few that have some merit aren’t as meritorious as you think. I’m on my phone and can’t write a huge post or I would. You offered a few bits of ‘evidence’ such as your friend with sunken eyes. So, I’ll throw out a counter example: I completed a doctorate in clinical psychology while using cannabis to control very chronic pain from a major car accident, and to help me sleep at night since I have heavy anxiety. Pm me with clear questions and I’ll answer them as time permits.

  3. Yes. Because it has intoxicating effects and there is some (not a lot and not great) evidence that it can effect a developing brain, it’s better to err on the safe side and have some legal checks in place. Age of use and driving while intoxicated are two regulations I very much agree with.

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