20+ Glass Flower/Daisy Screens [20 Pcs w/ Small Container]


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Each jar measures: 25 mm in diameter & 10 mm inside with assorted size ‘glass daisies’ between 5 to 9 mm each. Packaged for safe shipping with full warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee only by STOREDEPOT. Similar items offered from other vendors are not made or authorized by STOREDEPOT. Please avoid counterfeits. Contains small parts, not for consumption. Please report any counterfeit sellers to Amazon.com immediately and request a refund for any items received which do not match the description or brand.[Daisy / Flower Style] Glass Screens by STORE-DEPOT
Jars come packed with 20+ miniature glass beads
Unmatchable quality with assorted colors & sizes. (Usually between 1/4 to 3/8″ Inches)
Unique works of art!-each piece is one-of a kind
Guaranteed only when shipped in ‘STORE-DEPOT’ embossed crush-proof clear containers!


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