Quick question about paranoia related to marijuana

About a year ago I used regularly. I then stopped for about 6 months. When I tried it again I only used a little amount and it sent me into a paranoid state. It upsets me because I’d like to use it for stress & anxiety but, can’t combat that paranoia! Has anyone else experienced this?

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  1. Tolerance and strain type.

    Generally a strain that’s got a high disparity between THC & CBD will lead to paranoia. Suspicion is that high THC levels effect the cannabinoid receptors in your brain, and those receptors are stored in the amygdala, which is also home to the brain’s more primal fight-or-flight response system.

    Try to find strains that have a better balance between THC and CBD. If that’s not an option, get whatever strain you normally get, and then get yourself a CBD pen or tincture or salve from somewhere like the CBDistillery or Blue Ridge or Blue Bird and use that before you ingest any THC.

    Also if you’re ever super paranoid, chew 3 black peppercorns and drink a glass of water. It’ll help.

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