quitting waking and baking

so tomorrow i have decided that i will stop smoking weed in the morning and during lunch hours and i will just smoke after work and before bed.. ill admit.. it feels like im quitting weed all together even tho its just for the first half of the day.. does this mean i have a problem? i do have a medical card for ptsd but i dont really need to use it during the day it really helps me at night time so i can fall asleep and get up for work the next day.. i just got used to using it every morning for the past 2 years and i noticed im so tired everyday now.. any advice i can use right now such as the benefits of not smoking marijuana 24/7 and just enjoying it at the right times like the good old days..

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  1. Breaks are always good, moderation of the medicine. Another thing is trying different strains for different times of day if you find yourself needing medicated throughout the day. In example, a nice light sativa for the morning and day hours, and a heavy indica at night to ensure that good nights rest.

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