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Those in recreational legal states, how do your jobs go about drug testing? Do they just not test for THC? I mean how would they test for it in a work related accident? Say you smoked 3 days ago but today you wrecked the company vehicle they drug test you THC will pop up but you smoked 3 days ago and are clearly no longer high. How would they be able to address that situation?

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  1. THC is metabolised out of your system slower than most other narcotics. Amphetamines are quickly metabolised, and are usually only detectable while you’re feeling the effects, then via a blood analysis.
    General rule of thumb for weed, I have found, is after you’re straight, wait for the same amount of time you were smoking it for. Typically, sleep it off and brush your teeth!
    Also heads up, THC stores itself in fat cells. For example if you have a BMI on the higher side and ‘recreationally partake’, then stop for a few months then lose weight, you could test + ve because the THC is attatched to the sugars stored as fat…

    But if you’re referring to only a night of hazy frivolities, then nothing for a day or two before the incident, should be ok.

    Better to err on the side of caution tho…

  2. In California employers are still testing for THC. If they find any in your system at any point, you will be immediately terminated from that job. It happened to me even though I have my medical card… which I’ve found is really only good for getting into dispensaries and using delivery services. It just takes one visible panic attack to get drug tested, and that’s what I use it to prevent in the first place.

    There is currently a bill (AB 2069) that is trying to provide protections for medical marijuana users from discrimination by an employer. Which I’m excited about because I would finally get to earn an income again. I’m almost out of stuff to sell off.

  3. colorado here. jobs can still test for pot. oral test they can detect anywhere from 12 hours to 3 days. urine 2 weeks to 3 months….. my employer will test on the spot for damages over X amount…. or crashing a fork lift. but because its illegal federally most jobs can test and fire for it.

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