1. There’s very little research done on potential interaction between cannabis and pharmaceuticals, but there’s a lot of empirical evidence (such as the lack of news stories about it) from all the medical states and illegal users that indicate that Cannabis carries a very low risk of any serious adverse side effects in combination with most pharmaceuticals. Although, a note for others who might read this, Cannabis should **not** be used with anything that stimulates or depresses the central nervous system (such as narcolepsy drugs and opiates).

    However, you’d be well advised to refrain from using Cannabis for awhile and allow the drugs your doctor prescribed to take full effect so you and your doctor can accurately judge their effectiveness. At the very least, you should tell your doctor (assuming you are in the US or a country with similar medical privacy laws) that you use cannabis so he can be fully informed and adjust your treatment if necessary.

    The most common side effects caused by mixing common anti-depressants with cannabis tend to be increased sedation effects, increased memory impairment, more pronounced motor skill impairment and sudden mood swings (paranoia, manic episodes, etc).

    While I have no personal experience with Rexapin and have no knowledge of it’s mechanisms and can’t talk to any potential interactions, I know many people who take Sertraline (Selectra) and use cannabis with no major adverse effects. However, there is a potential increased risk of serotonin syndrome when combining SSRIs/SSNIs and cannabis, so use caution at first if you decide to use cannabis while also using the medications. Smoke/vape (do not use edibles) only enough to get just the smallest of buzzes and then wait **a full hour** (seriously, wait! Interactions can take awhile to present themselves and if they do, you want them to be as minor as possible) to see if you experience any adverse effects. If nothing feels off, then try a little more and wait again and continue increasing your cannabis dose bit by bit until you get to your normal level of use. If you have someone you trust who can stay straight and monitor you while you try it for the first few times, have them do so, just in case.

    But again, you probably want to wait until the medications take full effect as until they do, you could end up being fine one day and then have a wildly different reaction the next.

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