Strains For Depression + Anxiety?


So I finally received my card in the mail today. Honestly, however I’m at a loss as to what strain I should pick up from the dispensary. I’ve found my dispensaries menu on leafly and I originally received the card for anxiety issues. However lately I’ve been finding myself unmotivated and depressed. I even struggle with getting out of bed in the mornings and find myself moving to the couch if I do. The last thing I want is something to put me on my ass (which I know strains used to treat anxiety can do). I have some ADHD too and tasks are hard enough for me to accomplish.

My anxiety troubles seem to be more isolated to social situations and occur when I’m feeling down. I guess I’m looking for a strain that can keep me feeling active, motivated, and happy but at the same time maybe curb some anxiety as well? Does such a strain exist or should I just juggle a few based on how I’m feeling?

Does anybody have experience using weed to treat both anxiety and depression? What strains would you recommend and why?

Edit: I’ve heard Jack Herer is typically very good for depression and have seen a lot of anecdotes that its helped people with social anxiety as well despite being sativa dominant and high THC??? Should I go with that.

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