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Need Advice! Jersey Resident looking to enter the recreational marijuana industry. How do you enter an industry that is just blooming but doesn’t actually exist yet?

Doctors advice that scares me.

So a few weeks...

Used to have a lot of fun, but now even just a tiny bit of marijuana now gives me a massive panic attack. Any advice?

Cleaning bongs with Oxiclean Advice? *specifically people that use Oxiclean to clean their pieces*

Any advice on the life of a dispensary agent?

I’ve been...

[DISCUSSION] How much of an issue has it been for you to find employment? My partner smokes for PTSD and after the military joined a field that we now realize often drug tests. Curious how this sort of thing has affected you all. And I’d love advice!

I need advice! Can anyone help a post-spice paranoid smoker?

Hey fellas, I...