Okay so on the day 4/20 I smoked a small pre rolled joint after being 20 days sober. worst and most intense experience, it felt like I was tripping on 1.5 grams of shrooms. 30-40 minutes after still being super high I looked in the mirror and my eyes were half dilated like I was on shrooms! Wtf?!

I’m eager to try again just to see if my eyes get dilated. Btw to those who doubted what I saw. The lights (warm lights) were all on in my room and there is a warm light by my mirror […]

Smoke’Em If You Got’Em: It’s 420 Day Weed. Reefer. Kush. Mary Jane. Dope. However you refer to marijuana, you can’t escape it these days, as state after state legalizes medical and/or recreational marijuana. It’s now legal for recreation in [nine states and Washington, D.C.](, and is decriminalized and/or […]